COVID-19 Creating Construction Materials Shortage

There have been many far-reaching impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic has created. The construction industry is facing many challenges due to the pandemic including meeting deadlines after non-essential work was paused, meeting the new health and safety guidelines, economic uncertainty, and material shortages.

Shortage of Lumber and Steel Supplies

One repercussion of the coronavirus pandemic is the shortage of steel supplies and lumber. Many construction companies rely heavily on materials imported from China. With China-based suppliers and logistics companies shutting down or reducing their workforce, it has become difficult to obtain construction materials. China-based suppliers are working to fulfill backlogged orders that came in while operations were shut down which means it could take longer than before to receive needed materials.

Construction Materials May See Price Changes

With so much uncertainty, it can be hard to know how construction materials will be priced. In times of recession, material pricing will typically drop. However, materials are becoming more difficult to obtain, so we may start to see a price increase for construction materials.

TSCSE Is the Partner You Need

TSC Southeast is a South Florida construction solutions provider. As a general contractor, we have access to products that you may need with supplies and pricing already locked in.  We have reusable product on hand from temporary structures as well as equipment and supplies. We are the partner you need when it comes to temporary safety solutions as we already have the supplies needed on hand. Some of the safety solutions we can provide include:

If you are interested in partnering with TSCSE for temporary structures or construction supplies, contact us today.

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