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TSC Southeast is your construction safety services company. Our team of safety consultants will help you determine the needs of safety equipment at your construction site, install the appropriate systems and help you maintain and run them if needed. We have the team and the equipment to put up temporary installations and tear down as they are not needed. As your project evolves and safety concerns need to be addressed, TSC Southeast is ready to aid you. With a large network of skilled personnel, we can also provide you with flagpersons, gatekeepers, buck hoist operators, carpenters and laborers.

As your construction site protection safety consultant, TSC Southeast provides you with not only the site safety plans and training, but we can also provide you with Personal Protective Equipment and other solutions to help keep your employees and construction site safe. We are your resource for guardrail systems, protection decking, rebar protection, fire extinguishers and other products and services for scope gap work. TSC Southeast serves customers in South Florida and Central Florida including Tampa Bay, Orlando, St. Petersburg and Clearwater. Talk to our team at 786-360-5240 to get started on your construction safety plans today!

Anchorage Systems


When straps are not available our anchors can be installed in minutes in most concrete surfaces.

Learn more about anchorage systems.

Buck Hoist Bridges and Landings


We prepare and process: drawings, plans, sketches, and engineering and calculations required for permitting this work. TSC Southeast provides design build solutions for complex buck hoist back structures and bridges.

Learn more about buck hoist solutions.

Buck Hoist Gates, Protection, Decks and Ramps Installation


Furnish and install buck hoist decks and ramps as well as full height expanded plywood protection adjacent to each buck hoist gate.

Learn more about buck hoist structures.

Buck Hoist Platform and Protection

Buck-Hoist-Platform Protection-Services

As needed, fabricate components for non-typical installations.

Learn more about buck hoist platforms.

Crane Protection


Furnish and install plywood walls around the base of the crane.

Learn more about crane protection.

Custom Installation, Pool Protections


Provide temporary pool protection during construction of building.

Learn more about pool protection.

Door Frame and Door Installations

Door-Frame-Door Installations

We provide skilled craft persons to install door frames, doors and hardware.

Learn more about door frame installations.

Drop Netting


These heavy-duty nets will catch large debris over multiple floors and are ideal in protecting the public and adjacent property.

Learn more about drop netting.

Entrance Canopies, Sidewalk Sheds

Entrance Canopies-Sidewalk-Sheds-Safety-Systems

Furnish and install temporary entrance canopies and sidewalk sheds, complete with signage.

Learn more about sidewalk sheds and entrance canopies.

Fire Extinguishers/Floor Signs


Stencil like signs will last for the entire duration of the job. Our fire extinguisher prices are competitive. We tag your new extinguishers, re-tag and refill used ones.

Learn more about fire extinguishers.

Guardrail Systems


Wood guardrail systems meet OSHA fall protection standards and are quick and easy to install and remove. Wire rope GRS is an option to speed installations, to secure open areas and is a proven money-saving method without compromising safety.

Learn more about guardrail systems.

Hole Covers


All hole covers have bevel edges and marked with orange color, they can be waterproofed as required.

Learn more about hole covers.

Laydown Decks

Laydown decks

A temporary structure that significantly extends work areas in sites with limited space. It allows full material staging and storage including formwork and rebar on the deck, while allowing truck access, storage and deliveries underneath.

Learn more about laydown decks.

Construction Netting Systems

Outrigger Netting Systems

Furnish, install, maintain, inspect and relocate OSHA compliant, perimeter outrigger netting systems.

Learn More About Construction Netting Systems.

Overhead Protection Decking

Overhead-Protection Decking

All elevator shafts are waterproof and installed to accommodate other trades without delaying others’ production.

Rebar Protection


Provide and install caps with additional rebar protections.

Learn more about rebar protection.

Skilled Personnel

TSCSE-Skilled Personnel Staffing-Capabilities

Flagpersons, gatekeepers, buck hoist operators, carpenters and laborers.

Learn more about skilled laborers.

Tub Protection


Furnish, install and maintain plywood and foam at all tubs.

Learn more about bathtub protection.

Custom Made Outrigger Platforms

We custom made platforms to accommodate our clients needs. A larger outrigger platform is engineered for easy assemble and transportation, while still meeting all safety standards.

Safety Training

At TSC Southeast, we give you all the necessary tools to keep your workers safe. We provide Safety Training to comply with OSHA safety regulations. Our classes are bilingual, and can be provided on a classroom or on a jobsite.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

TSC Southeast provides a wide assortment Safety Supplies as tough as your workers. PPE for every need: eye protection, fall protection, hearing protection and much more. To learn more click here and to shop our catalog, click here.

Punch List Services

TSC Southeast can help you get your project completed. We provide punch list services for minor repairs or unfinished tasks.

Learn more about punch list services.

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