Infrared Thermal Scanners

TSCSE has been providing temperature screening and risk assessment questionnaires for businesses in Florida

In performing this function it became very obvious that a high flow though solution would be needed based on the volume of people entering projects and facilities, and we have developed an expertise in identifying infrared systems that meet the high standards that are clients require, including:

Infrared Thermal Camera Temperature Screening

Install thermal monitoring camera systems to check temperatures and allow a steady flow of high volume foot traffic to enter workplaces

  • They work well, and have consistent temperature readings
  • They allow for high flow though, and enable the least intrusion
  • They provide a level of comfort and security for occupants
  • They are a proactive step to mitigate exposure to corona virus
  • They use black body technology
  • The are not sourced from locations that have security or privacy concerns

We have paired these solutions with our medically-trained personnel performing screenings, that have the qualifications and temperament to verify accuracy of any temperature readings, and understand the need to maintain privacy and deliver messages with dignity.


We are also developing Covid-19 Health and Safety Plans and delivering Covid-19 Awareness training.

Again, we are here to assist in your steps to normalize.  Just let us know if we can be of any assistance.

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