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About TSC Southeast Site Safety Management

We started Total Safety Consulting, a safety consulting company, by earning our stripes in the New York area over the last 25 years. We have brought the same rigorous safety standards, proven methods, impeccable training and professionalism to our work in South Florida over the last 11 years. We exceed our builder’s expectations with complete safety systems and fully trained personnel that protect the workers and the public.

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How We Work as a Construction Safety Consultant


Planning ahead is crucial to coordinating operations and staying on schedule. This is why preplanning is an integral part of our process. Our team provides detailed engineering plans, drawings and 3D modeling to view the plans from every angle and ensure every detail is accounted for.


TSC Southeast prefabricates the safety systems in our 2 warehouses here in South Florida—not on the job site. Our logistics and design team oversees every aspect of the project. This ensures consistent design, materials, quality control, faster turnaround and a cleaner, safer, more efficient work area.


We train our workers in-house with bilingual, hands on training, according to exacting OSHA standards. Every worker is certified in their specific skill set and prepared to work on site with the entire construction crew. Our construction workforce is fully supported by senior managers and administrative staff.

Power up

Often in new construction, power is located several floors below, and using extension cords is not possible—or safe. Not being able to use power tools can slow down work and kill the day. Not on our watch. Our workers are prepared and ready for work with portable, quality tools.

Safety Training

TSC Southeast offers bilingual training both onsite and in-house at our Hialeah location.

Courses offered:

• 10-HR OSHA

• 30-HR OSHA

• Fall Protection

• Suspended/Supported Scaffolding

• Crane Hand Signal

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Tools and Equipment

In compliance with the new federally mandated OSHA Silica Standard, we can provide the tools and equipment that enable flexible alternatives to silica exposure.

TSC Southeast has a full line of tools compliant with Exposure Control Methods described in the OSHA Table 1. Also, when engineering controls and tools where exposure control methods are not used, in accordance with OSHA’s Table 1, we will recommend which dust controls would work best to limit exposures in the workplace. Log on to the OSHA website to learn more.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

TSC Southeast has a full line of innovative protection safety solutions and Personal Protective Equipment that it provides to its workforce, and makes available to clients and their workforce or subcontractors.

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Building a Safer Construction Site

Working on major construction projects in a busy, heavily populated city presents unique challenges.

The safety of the workers, as well as the public, must be factored into the design, planning and fabrication of the safety solutions systems.

Together with the construction team, we determine what is needed and build the temporary structures for ultimate safety on the job.

Our total safety approach to the design and fabrication of the entire safety system makes the job run smoother and safer.

Professionally Trained and Equipped Workforce

We have 100 laborers on hand for scope / gap work. We provide professionally trained, highly skilled project managers, carpenters and laborers. Our staff is the best in the business, trained according to OSHA standards and certified in their field.

Many companies expect their workers to have their own tools. Not so with TSC Southeast. We outfit our workers with top of the line tools.

Our team has oversight and guidance from experienced construction supervisors to meet the unique needs of each our customers. A full range of skilled personnel is available – Flagmen, Guardsmen, Buck hoist operators and much more.

Located in the greater Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area, TSC Southeast, LLC is a fully-insured, full-service General Contractor (Lic. # CGC1522697). We are a turnkey provider of construction safety solutions, specializing in the fabrication and installation of temporary and comprehensive job site protection packages. We work on both large scale and small projects. We can be there from the beginning to provide safety consulting or we can assist you with any problems that arise throughout your project.

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Site Safety systems for 1000 Museum construction.

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