Site Safety Solutions

Construction Safety Consulting Services

There are many challenges that arise when constructing a new building, but safety should not have to be
one of them. At TSC Southeast, we aim to make jobsite safety easier by offering safety consulting
services to construction projects in South Florida. We provide many services from site safety
management to the fabrication of safety solutions. It is our goal to help you keep your employees and
the public safe from the many hazards present on the jobsite.

Site Safety Management

The team at TSC Southeast can design and implement a site safety plan to fit the needs of your jobsite. We
provide detailed engineering plans, drawings and 3D modeling to create a plan that will protect your
workers and the public. Our team will determine which safety solutions systems and temporary
structures are needed for your project.

Safety Solutions

After creating a plan for your job site, we will prefabricate the safety systems you need in our
warehouses. We can provide many safety solutions including:

  • Crane Protection
  • Drop Netting
  • Guardrail Systems
  • Pool Protection
  • Entrance Canopies
  • Sidewalk Sheds, and more.

After fabrication, the team at TSC Southeast will install the safety solutions systems on your jobsite, so you can
get your job done safely and efficiently.

Staffing Services

We understand that finding qualified staffing for your job site isn’t easy. We have 100 laborers
on hand for scope / gap work. Our staff is fully trained according to OSHA standards. TSC Southeast can
provide project managers, carpenters, and laborers for your South Florida construction site.

Safety Training

Making sure that your staff has the proper training is very important to their safety and the safety of
those around them. We provide safety training in either English or Spanish, both onsite and in-house.
The training courses we offer include:

  • 10-HR OSHA
  • 30-HR OSHA
  • Fall Protection
  • Suspended/Supported Scaffolding
  • Crane Hand Signal

Personal Protective Equipment & Tools

At TSC Southeast, all of our staff is outfitted with the tools they need to get the job done. We also can provide
tools and equipment that are compliant with OSHA’s silica dust standard. Our silica dust compliant tools
limit workers’ exposure to silica dust.

Personal Protective Equipment is necessary when working on a construction site. We provide PPE to our
workforce as well as to our clients’ workforces.

Partner with Us for All of Your Construction Needs

Whether you have a large project that needs site safety management services, or a small job requiring scope or gap work, TSC Southeast is ready to assist you. We provide construction safety consulting services as well as have over 100 skilled laborers on hand ready to assist you.

If you are interested in learning more about the safety consulting services provided by TSC Southeast, contact us