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TSC-Southeast Site Safety Management South Florida

TSC Southeast is a turn-key provider of safety solutions in construction, emergency preparedness, and environmental health and safety in Florida

TSC Southeast is your one-stop resource for site safety management, environmental, and industrial hygiene services in addition to COVID safety services, training, supplies, emergency safety plans, and EMTs. We are the right contractor for all your safety needs whether it’s a construction site, building, hotel, office space, retail store, or industrial facility.

We have experience building and overseeing safety in construction projects in South Florida, including 1000 Museum, Aventura Mall and Paraiso Campus and working with mid-size and large GCs, Developers, Business Owners, and Property Managers. In addition to large construction projects or facilities, we can also help you with smaller jobs or help to address any problems that arise on your site or your business.

We understand the challenges of keeping the public and the workers safe. When you need any safety services in your place of business, give us a call. We’ll create your plan and get the job done. TSC Southeast serves customers throughout the entirety of South Florida, including West Palm Beach and Miami. We also work on projects in Central Florida including Tampa Bay, Orlando, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater.

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TSC Southeast Safety Solutions

Environmental Health & Safety Services

TSC Southeast provides environmental health and safety services for South Florida construction sites. We develop comprehensive environmental health and safety plans as well as respond to and resolve any unexpected environmental issues that may arise during your project.

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Industrial Hygiene

Technical Services has the experience to design, implement, and assist you, or your clients, with industrial hygiene and professional bio hazard decontamination services. We do this through qualified field services, experienced technical support, and timely information and updates. The response to environmental threats requires a multidiscipline approach; a robust combination of industrial hygiene, medical expertise and specialty contracting.

Site Safety Management & Consulting

TSC Southeast is your construction safety services company. Our team of safety consultants will help you create a site safety plan, emergency action plan, a Corporate safety plan, perform safety audits, and assign a part time or full time Safety Manager on your project to oversee all aspects of safety.

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Safety Training

In the construction industry, workers must be trained properly to ensure their safety on the job. It’s important that your workers are trained and informed about job site hazards and safe practices so that your project can be completed without injuries. TSC Southeast offers comprehensive construction site safety services on Florida job sites. As a part of our services, we offer onsite safety training in English and Spanish.
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“The TSC Southeast team continues to benefit this project and organization by improving the quality of work, enhancing the health and safety of those on site, increasing accountability within the team, mutual understanding among team members, utilizing resources—especially time—and is able to generate more ideas and better decisions.”

“TSC has been providing superb safety consulting, material and labor services (as well as other miscellaneous carpentry and installation services) for all our South Florida projects. I highly recommend them for any Safety related needs.” – Miguel Rotalde, Juneau Construction Company

About TSC Southeast

TSC Southeast is part of the Gallagher Bassett Company providing environmental health and safety services for South Florida construction sites. Collaboration between team members on any project is essential for safety, accountability and the quality of the work. The 1000 Museum project is considered an “Impossible Build”, but our team overcame the challenges and made it possible.

Where we are

Located in the greater Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area, TSC Southeast, LLC is a fully-insured, full-service General Contractor (Lic. # CGC1522697).

What we do

TSC Southeast is a turnkey provider of safety, environmental and industrial hygiene solutions. We specialize in providing safety management staffing and providing comprehensive environmental assessments as well as providing safety training and consulting for your business.

Our highly skilled and experienced team members are intensely focused on preventing accidents and reducing job site injuries.

Our values

TSC Southeast maintains the same core safety competencies that were used to build our parent company, Total Safety Consulting LLC, 20+ years ago, keeping our clients’ job sites, their employees and the general public safe!

The TSC Southeast staff of professionally trained, highly skilled project managers, environmental specialists, safety managers, and EMTs, work on major jobs in South Florida. Our staff is the best in the business and are outfitted with top of the line tools.

Our team has oversight and guidance from an experienced construction supervisor to meet the precise needs of each our customers.

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The One Thousand Museum Project

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