Buck Hoist Protection and Structures

At TSC Southeast, we provide site safety solutions to keep your jobsite safe. A buck hoist is used to lift personnel and materials up to higher levels of a building under construction. Often when buck hoists are used, they need structures installed for them such as decks, ramps, platforms, and landings.

Design and Permitting

TSC Southeast will work with you to prepare and process the documents and plans needed for permitting. We can prepare drawings, sketches and plans for hoist structures. Our team can provide the engineering and calculations needed for buck hoist solutions.

Buck Hoist Protection, Decks, and Ramps

We fabricate and install buck hoist solutions for construction sites. Buck hoists are located a few feet off of the ground, so a loading dock and ramps are required to lift materials onto the hoist. Platforms and decks are installed to make it easier to access the buck hoists. Buck Hoist protection is important to keep the construction site safe. We install plywood protection adjacent to each buck hoist gate.

At TSC Southeast, we can provide you with safety solutions for even the most complex applications or fabricate components for non-typical installations. We serve the South Florida area and have worked on projects requiring buck hoist protection and structures, including our project at 1000 Museum and Gran Paraiso.


To learn more about our site safety solutions or other services, contact us today.

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