Westshore Marina Pointe for Plaza Construction

TSC Southeast provided outrigger nets for our project at Westshore Marina Pointe.

An outrigger netting system is designed to create a safer work environment on a jobsite. These systems can provide fall protection and debris containment that lowers jobsite injuries. Construction netting systems should be designed and installed in compliance with OSHA fall protection standards and containment standards.

If you need an outrigger netting system for your construction site, TSC Southeast can furnish, install, maintain, inspect and relocate outrigger netting systems. Our outrigger nets are OSHA compliant for fall protection and containment standards. We can make sure that the netting system is installed correctly and that it fits the needs of your jobsite.

TSC Southeast provides site safety solutions to jobsites in South Florida. If you are interested in our construction netting systems, contact us today.

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