Staying Safe During Foundation Work

Safety is always important on the jobsite including while doing foundation work. Foundation construction can involve excavations, the use of power and cutting tools and concrete and mortar that require safety training and safety equipment.

How to Stay Safe During Foundation Construction

  • Wear the right PPE for the job – safety shoes, long pants and sleeves, hard hats, leather gloves, hearing protection, respirators
  • Inspect excavation sites for hazardous gases, engulfment hazards, soil distress and other hazards
  • Use rebar caps to guard against impalement hazards
  • Use power tools safely
  • Have safety inspections performed regularly to ensure work is being completed in a safe manner
  • Hire a safety manager to oversee safety and OSHA compliance on the jobsite

Why Do You Need Safety Managers & Inspections During Foundation Work?

Getting safety inspections performed by an expert can help keep your project compliant with OSHA regulations as well as improve safety. Hiring a site safety manager can take the responsibility of managing safety off you so you can focus on making sure quality workmanship is performed. Safety managers enforce compliance with safety regulations and help to correct unsafe conditions on the jobsite.

Having a safer jobsite provides many benefits including:

  • Decrease in jobsite injuries
  • Higher employee retention
  • Projects getting completed on time
  • Compliance with OSHA regulations
  • Help you win new deals
  • Increase worker productivity

Let TSCSE Focus on Safety so You Can Do Your Job Right

General contractors have a lot of responsibilities when it comes to completing construction projects. Safety can sometimes get overlooked, but not without a cost. When jobsites are not safe it can lead to injuries, poor quality of work, delays in project completion, fines and more. Hiring a safety manager and getting safety inspections performed by TSC Southeast during foundation work can help take the stress of managing safety off of your plate so you can focus on quality craftsmanship and constructing a solid foundation that will stand for years to come.

TSC Southeast is a turn-key provider of construction safety solutions in South Florida. We can provide jobsite safety inspections, site safety managers, jobsite protection, safety netting and much more. Our fully trained and certified personnel can oversee the safety on your jobsite to keep your workers and the public safe. If you want to learn more about the services we provide, contact us today!

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