Nova Southeastern University: Project Postmortem

At TSC Southeast, we aim to be the turnkey provider of construction safety solutions. Back in January, we discussed our involvement in constructing dormitories for Nova Southeastern University. Our work in the installation and maintenance of construction safety solutions was brought to the forefront of this project. As the project has reached it’s conclusion, it’s important to examine what was prevalent to site safety.

Site Safety for a College Hall

Mako Hall, Nova Southeastern’s newest dormitory, was completed in cooperation of TSC Southeast and Juneau Construction. To construct a modern building to house tomorrow’s workforce, the latest technology and expertise was applied to construct a building that was not only pleasant on the eyes, but also safe for the students. Our capabilities on the project included:

Giveaways from the Project

It’s important to understand that safety isn’t brought to the forefront for a lot of construction projects. At TSC Southeast, we aim to make safety the most important job on the job.

A Video Recap

TSC Southeast’s Rudy Nestor was on site at the completion of the project, discussing the buck hoist elevator that was on site and was the location of the elevator constructed for the building.

The collaboration between TSC Southeast and Juneau Construction demonstrates the value of site safety on South Florida construction sites.

Building the Future Safely

The elevator of Mako Hall

We’d like to thank everyone involved in the construction of this building for Nova Southeastern University. It was a pleasure to work with Juneau Construction on this project. A year prior to completion, the surrounding area was a dirt field. Today, it is a beautiful building for students to continue their education and excel in their programs.

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