Building Retail Spaces Safely

In South Florida, many retail buildings are being constructed. It is important that these buildings are being constructed safely to protect the public and the employees working on them. 

Pedestrian Safety

Protecting the safety of the public constructing retail spaces is very important. Constructing buildings in South Florida requires you to work around pedestrians and keeping them safe near the jobsites. Putting up sidewalk sheds for overhead protection prevents pedestrians from being injured from hazards above. Installing fences and creating temporary walkways can guide pedestrians through a work zone safely without being injured.

Safety Solutions for Multi-Story Buildings

During the construction of multi-story retail buildings there are temporary structures that can aid and protect workers and the public on or near the jobsite. Some safety solutions that are used in multi-story buildings include: 

  • Scaffolding – Using scaffolding aids in the construction of retail buildings. Scaffolding is often necessary to allow workers to access higher stories of construction projects. However, it’s important to keep in mind that scaffolding must be used properly to keep workers safe. 
  • Barricades – Safety barricades protect workers and the general public and can be installed easily and quickly. Barricades prevent people from entering areas that could be hazardous and cause them harm. 
  • Signage – Installing signage at the jobsite is necessary to warn people on the jobsite about potential dangers that could cause injury. 

Using Secure Scaffolding

While scaffolding is essential for the construction of multi-story retail spaces, it can be dangerous if it not used safely. Scaffolding related injuries cause 4,500 workplace injuries and 50 deaths per year. It is very important to secure scaffolding properly to protect workers and pedestrians from falling debris or scaffolding falling apart. Make sure that a qualified person inspects the scaffolding before it is used to ensure that it is installed correctly. 

TSCSE: Full-Service Provider for Retail Construction

TSC Southeast provides all encompassing services for retail construction in South Florida. Our team can install safety solutions for retail projects including scaffolding, barricades and signage. We are your one source solution for safety equipment, services, temporary installations, and laborers. TSCSE can provide:

We also provide custom installations such as creating custom boards, installing outrigger deck, outrigger netting, providing rigging material and lifts, installing floor boards, removing paver, and any other labor work that is needed onsite.

Our projects include:

Contact us to learn more about the construction services we can provide for South Florida jobsites. 

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