Wireless Evacuation Systems on Jobsites

Buildings under construction often do not have the same level of protection in place as fully constructed buildings. When a building is fully constructed, it often has full life safety systems in place that protect occupants in emergencies. These systems include fire sprinklers, alarms and security systems that will raise awareness of danger and help protect occupants. Buildings that are still in the construction process face hazards from fire and intruders, but they often do not have the protection that finished buildings have.

What is a Wireless Evacuation System?

Luckily, wireless evacuation systems are available to help protect your construction workers. Wireless Evacuation Systems are designed to detect a fire with heat and smoke sensors and raise an alarm as well as alert personnel of a medial emergency. This system is a network that works across the entire building to raise an alarm in an emergency to allow occupants to quickly and safely evacuate a building.

WES3 Wireless Evacuation System

The WES3 system was designed to protect construction sites and promote site safety. This system consists of a network of units throughout the building that powers itself, eliminating the need for wi-fi or internet connection. The units have a 3-year battery life that allows it to protect your building round-the-clock. The components of the WES3 include a strobe and sounder to create an alarm, a base station that acts as a control unit, an interface to be integrated with third party systems, and heat and smoke sensors. 

Key features of this system include:

  • Inspection Delay – allows site managers to validate an alarm before evacuating the building
  • Medical Alert – raise a request for medical attention from any call point in the network, pinpointing the location of the alert
  • Download Reports – download and access reports for fire or medial alarms triggered that include date, time, duration, and exact location of the emergency
  • Tamper-Proof – each unit has a tamper proof seal
  • Text Alerts – set up text alerts to help provide and immediate response

Protect South Florida Jobsites with Wireless Evacuation 

Construction sites can greatly benefit from installing wireless evacuation systems. TSC Southeast has partnered with Space Age Electronics to help keep your South Florida jobsite safe in emergency situations by providing the WES3 Wireless Evacuation System. Installing this system on your jobsite can protect your personnel as meet OSHA safety regulations and the requirements of NFPA241. Protect your building and workers 24/7 with this innovative system. If you are interested in learning more, contact us today!

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