Gran Paraiso: An Unusual Buck Hoist Location

When we were awarded the project at Gran Paraiso,  it presented a few challenges from the beginning. It isn’t too often the buck hoist is located on the second floor of a building, but in this case it was. After installing the re-shoring under the second floor slab, our team had to design the access point from the ground floor to the second floor and the buck hoist platform that cantilevered a few feet from the edge of the slab.

Strong wind presented an additional challenge while pouring concrete on higher floors, as the concrete would splash from above, over adjacent properties, windows and even cars parked a couple blocks away from the job site. The team had to install a cocoon system on every floor around the perimeter to catch it within the safety netting.

Gran Paraiso Miami is located in North Edgewater within a close proximity to the Wynwood Art District, the Midtown shopping area and the MacArthur Causeway.

Italian designer, Piero Lissoni was responsible for the design of these sophisticated residences. He combined rich materials and clean modern lines together to create homes of unparalleled elegance. Having joined forces with the most notable interior designers in the world, he is internationally renowned for designing some of the most acclaimed hotels, residential complexes, corporate headquarters and yachts.

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