EMTs Improve Jobsite Safety and Reduce COVID-19 Impact

What is an EMT?

EMT stands for Emergency Medical Technician. EMTs are trained in basic medical knowledge and can assess a patient’s condition and provide immediate medical care to patients in an emergency. An EMT is most commonly found working in ambulances but at TSC Southeast, we have EMTs on our team to assist at jobsites and workplaces that need onsite medical support.

What Do TSC Southeast’s EMTs Do?

At TSC Southeast, our EMTs can perform a variety of functions for your workplace or jobsite. Some of the tasks our medical professionals can perform include:

  • Assess and treat on-site emergencies and illnesses
  • Complete post incident documentation and report incidents
  • Provide analysis of injury reports and identify injury trends
  • Develop and implement a Drug-Free and Alcohol-Free Work Plan
  • Provide a site-specific emergency medical response plan
  • Keep a sticked treatment area with first aid supplies and medical equipment

How Can EMTs Help with COVID-19 Mitigation?

At TSCSE, our EMTs can assist your workplace with COVID-19 screenings. Our EMTs can take temperatures of your employees daily and conduct COVID-19 risk assessments. With screening services, you will get early detection of COVID-19 symptoms among your employees to reduce the impact of the virus on your job or workplace. Choosing our EMTs to perform screenings rather than a field personnel provides benefits such as:

  • Experience dealing with sick patients and medical situations
  • Provide the dedication, attention, and focus needed to do the job safely and effectively
  • Qualified and trained on medical screenings
  • Allows the Field Personnel to continue overseeing and managing the project to avoid delays or other safety accidents that can occur

Why Choose an EMT from TSC Southeast?

Every one of our EMTs is professionally trained and certified to work as an on-site medical provider. They are focused on providing effective medical care that can help reduce your overall insurance and operating costs. Our EMTs are trained in all aspects of construction jobsite safety with OSHA 10, OSHA 30, and First Aid Training. They can help identify potentially fraudulent injury claims and keep you compliant with OSHA.

Are you interested in working with our onsite EMTs? Whether you need an EMT for COVID screenings or for general safety, our team is ready to help. We have competitive pricing and quick turnaround on EMT placement and setup. When you work with TSC Southeast, you will get a sales rep who is dedicated to your project and will ensure that all your needs are met. To learn more, contact us today.

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