Amazon Project in Pompano Beach

Workers and public safety is our main priority. In order to avoid a second wave, TSCSE provides on site EMT’s to assist with temperature checks due to COVID-19.

The project is the latest move by Amazon to build a tight network of distribution stations and centers that will allow it to keep tight control over the flow of products it sells to millions of Floridians.

For the Amazon Project in Pompano Beach, TSCSE’s EMT is providing temperature taking and health questionnaires for all employees onsite before entering the job to prevent any further spread of COVID-19. This safety measure will identify employees with symptoms early on to remove the employee from the job and require mandatory self quarantine for the individual.

Keep your workers and jobsite protected

TSCSE can provide EMT’s on jobsites that will conduct COVID-19 risk assessment questionnaires for all personnel on site to evaluate the risk of your current job force. With fever being a key symptom of COVID-19, our EMT’s will make routine observations and take selected temperatures of all employees daily. Temperatures are taken using a “non-touch” infrared light thermometer.

Learn more about the COVID-19 Safety Readiness Program TSCSE is offering all clients to assist in keeping employees safe and jobsites in compliance, click here.

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