Red Bull Formula 1 Car: Donuts on Top of the One Thousand Museum

One Thousand Museum was the stage for Red Bull’s F1 festival promotion with Citrix Building Selects and TSCSE was there to help manage the pit crew from sunrise to sunset. TSCSE helped with pre planned logistics, last minute requests and more, to accommodate the one of a kind rigging for formula one car.

We provided harness training and enjoyed being part of the safety crew while working with Red Bull, One Thousand Museum, Plaza Construction and F1 to create a spectacular show for all F1 fans and for our city, Miami.

David Coulthard and the team’s RB7 car performed a series of smoking donuts on top of one of Miami’s most iconic new towers. The amazing stunt gave Miami residents an early taste of what they could expect at the final F1 Festival of 2018, which took place in the Florida city, alongside the Grand Prix at the Circuit of The Americas in Austin.

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