What to Think About When Working on High-Rises

High-rise construction projects are complex and need the proper safety measures to prevent injuries to workers. Having the proper safety equipment in place can help reduce the dangers on a high-rise construction site. Safety installations for high-rise construction includes guardrails, netting on the side of the site building, as well as hole covers for exposed floors on sites.

Fall Risks in High Rise Construction

When working at heights, workers are at risk of serious injury or death due to falling. Falls are leading cause of death in the construction industry, with falling debris and fatal falls taking workers’ lives across the world. To prevent falls during construction, many safety procedures must be followed to protect yourself and the workers on site. When working on a high-rise site, workers must tie-off to a secure anchorage system when working near the edge of a exposed building, as tying off will keep workers tied to a secure foundation and support their weight if a fall hazard occurs. Another precaution is the use of hole coverings to prevent falls through exposed flooring on site. These procedures make the work environment as safe as possible to work in.

Safety Installations Prevent Accidents

Safety installations are needed on a high-rise project to prevent accidents and injuries. There is a variety of safety equipment that can be used to reduce jobsite hazards including:

Guardrails – Guardrail systems are used in high-rise construction to protect workers from falling. Guardrails act as a barrier around edges or areas where people could possibly fall.

Outrigger Netting – Outrigger netting systems are designed to catch falling debris or workers to prevent injuries. Outrigger netting is installed around the perimeter of a high-rise project to provide fall protection to the people above and protection from falling debris to the people below.

Drop Netting – Drop netting systems protect workers, the public, and adjacent properties from large falling debris. Catching debris will help prevent injuries to people below the high-rise building. Sidewalk sheds are also provided to keep pedestrians safe from debris that falls underneath the netting systems in place.

Construction Elevator Protections – Buck hoist protections such as decks, ramps, platforms, and landings can help people safely use a hoist. Guards and netting inside of the elevator shafts also protect workers from multi-storied elevator shafts.

Outrigger Platforms – Outrigger platforms are needed for high-rise construction when cranes are being used to transport materials. These platforms make it safer and easier to transport materials to a high level of the building.

Safety Solutions from TSC Southeast

TSC Southeast installs safety equipment for high-rise building construction. We fabricate and install guardrails, outrigger netting systems, drop netting, elevator protections, and more. Throughout construction, we will maintain the systems in place and remove them once construction has been completed. As a turnkey provider of construction safety solutions, we design site safety plans for your high rise building and determine where your site needs safety installations such as guardrails and netting systems. If you need safety equipment for your South Florida high-rise project, contact us today!

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