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As construction progresses on a project, skilled labor will need to be brought in to create solutions that a rank and file laborer may not be able to do. With an increased knowledge of the job due to education and experience, skilled labor is crucial to a jobsite that intends to meet performance schedules.

What is Skilled Labor?

Skilled labor is a section of the labor force with a specialization in a certain craft or trade. The qualities of a skilled laborer include a higher education from a university or technical school, greater amount of expertise in their craft, as well as a greater understanding of the construction site itself. Skilled labor on the job will be able to perform tasks that require more thought, with critical thinking playing a crucial role in their performance on the construction site.

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics has Information on Every Type of Skilled Labor

Examples of a skilled laborer are, but not limited to:

For the average skilled laborer, a five-year education in their field is required. This is referred to as an apprenticeship. During the apprenticeship, workers are trained with on-the-job experience; as well as trained in a traditional classroom setting. After this training is complete, the skilled laborer is certified in their field of work and able to work on sites with the training and experience required.

Why Does My Site Need Skilled Labor?

Construction sites across the country are experiencing skilled labor shortages on a massive scale. The primary reason for the skilled labor shortage is the lack of experience necessary to perform the jobs that are available. For a skilled laborer, education in addition to years of experience are required to meet the demands of an everyday construction site. As detailed previously, years of on-site experience and classroom training are required for certified skilled laborers. The outlier in this is for engineers and technicians, who require a four-year degree from an accredited school or university. The experience and education necessary will allow skilled laborers to perform their job effectively. This includes:

  • Electrical wiring for the construction project
  • Plumbing and pipework for the project
  • Knowledge of materials being used and how that plays into design
  • Heavy equipment operation such as cranes and buck hoists
  • Overall planning and design of the site

Skilled laborers have the qualifications to perform this level of work, so it is imperative to have skilled labor on your site.

TSC Southeast Provides Skilled Labor

TSC Southeast is a turnkey provider of construction safety solutions, temporary installations, and custom design build options for jobsites in South Florida. If a site needs additional skilled laborers, we will provide them. The benefits of working with a third-party subcontractor is the guarantee of skilled labor from the get-go, avoiding the costs of training and implementing skilled labor in-house. With our team of equipment operators, safety managers, and more, we will keep your site on schedule and exceed expectations.

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