Site Safety Design for 1000 Museum, Zaha Hadid’s Visionary Design

The Site Safety Design for 1000 Museum was particularly complex.

The building team hired TSCSE as a consultant to design and build the entire safety system for this amazing project, now one of Miami’s tallest buildings. AKA “The Scorpion Tower” because its skeleton is on the outside, it is considered an “Impossible Build” and featured in a PBS Video. It is nonetheless nearing completion without a major accident.

From signage to railings, buck hoist installation, platforms, netting and much more, TSCSE created an entire safety program to support the construction of the building.

This project was especially challenging because of the proximity to the Shepards Building.

First, because of the tight space we were working in, the construction team ran out of land for the rebar and space to store materials.

TSC met this challenge by creating a lay down deck 20 feet tall so that work could be done on top and large trucks could still pass through. Essentially, a big work table was created in the sky.

This new found workspace opened up new opportunities for the workers to do their jobs and it kept the project moving.


The second challenge was the Buck hoist platforms.

The control lines of a building are essential and are especially important to all trades through all the construction phases of every building including skyscrapers. Going off from these lines causes a dramatic effect on the floors above. Eeven a quarter of an inch will be devastating on the floors above.

This was the case at 1000 Museum. When the Buck Hoist Platform System began to pull away from the building, our team knew exactly what was occurring.

Together the construction crew and management crew, we created a strategy that enabled the Buck Hoist Platforms to be brought back into line.

Like tightening up a shoelace, the ties to the building, made of rigid metal and unbending steel, were carefully adjusted one at a time. They cannot be pulled too much or it will impose too much stress on the structure or even cause a major accident.

Adjusting all the tie arms from Buck Hoist to the building allowed just enough give and take to the ailing system.

TSC Southeast is proud to be a part of bringing this extraordinary building to completion.

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