Laydown Decks

Laydown decks are essential to construction sites where space for materials and supplies are limited. Similar in design to a sidewalk shed, a laydown deck is built above sidewalks and parking lots. However, the utility of the laydown deck goes beyond that of a sidewalk shed. Whereas a sidewalk shed protects pedestrians and the streets below from falling debris of a construction site, laydown decks are designed with creating more surface area for work and storage.

Above Deck

The top of a laydown deck is served mainly for more areas to perform construction work. With additional space to work, workers can be more efficient and not worry about space concerns. The top of the deck also serves as a means of storage for construction materials, as well as supplies for the worker.

Below Deck

The area beneath the laydown deck is utilized to store equipment, materials, as well as serve as a staging ground for trucks to perform deliveries or act as a storage unit.
Working on a site with limited space? TSC Southeast provides laydown deck installation, and remains on-site for installing, providing maintenance, and removing the deck once construction has included. Contact us today.