Fire Extinguishers, Floor Signs, and Services

It is important to make sure that your jobsite is protected from a fire. At TSC Southeast, we sell fire extinguishers for construction sites.

Fire Extinguishers

When you work with TSC Southeast to install fire extinguishers on your jobsite, we will help you to make sure the extinguishers are properly placed in accordance with fire codes and the site safety plan. We will also tag your new fire extinguishers, so you are in compliance with codes.

Floor Signs for Extinguishers

We can provide fire extinguisher signage for your construction site. Our stencil like signs are durable and heavy duty and will last the entire length of the job. We will help you install signs on your jobsite to make the fire extinguisher locations well known and highly visible.

Fire Extinguisher Services

We offer fire extinguisher services such as inspections, re-tagging, and refilling. If your fire extinguishers need to be inspected and tagged, our team can assist you. After a fire extinguisher is used we can re-fill it so that it is ready to go in case of a fire.

TSC Southeast is a turnkey provider of site safety systems for South Florida. If you need fire extinguishers for your construction site, contact us today.