Door Frame and Door Installation

TSC Southeast installs door and door frames for your construction site. Prior to installation, we’ll measure the floor and sides of the walls prior to installing the frame, ensuring that the frame and door itself will be evenly positioned with your building.

Measuring Pre-Installation

Door and door frame installation requires precise measurements and careful handiwork to ensure that the door is properly installed with no issues. The use of a carpentry level can determine level and plumb of the door frame prior to installing the door. The most important factor in installation of a door and door frame is checking everything beforehand. With a pre-installation check, the worker will know what issues will need to be addressed and if any shims will need to be used. The lack of checking prior to installation will have the worker walk in blind and increase the required installation time.

Measuring Post-Installation

Once the door is installed, measurements and levels are taken once more to ensure that the door and door frame are evenly matched, with little room for error in regard to measurements that may be off. The door should meet the frame evenly, with any adjustments being made if one side hits the stop of the frame before the other.

At TSC Southeast, we provide installations for various construction jobs, including doors and door frames. If you need craftsmen to install doors and door frames on your site, contact us today.