Royal Caribbean HQ: Contributing to a Miami Cornerstone

At TSC Southeast, we ensure that the city of Miami is continuing to thrive by assisting in it’s development projects. As time goes on, more and more construction projects are beginning, opening a new wave of opportunity for businesses and local government to expand and improve the surrounding infrastructure. For this project, Royal Caribbean intends to build it’s newest headquarters in Miami, home to its current headquarters.

“The modernization will apply shipbuilding design principles to create an undulating form inspired by the innovation, flow and graceful utility of our ships,’’ Royal Caribbean stated in an official post this week.

The finished piece, pictured in the mock-up above, is intended to be identical to Royal Caribbean’s many cruise liners. As a company with roots in Florida and the Caribbean, Royal Caribbean’s legacy within the region calls for a modern, yet familiar look that will be easily identifiable with their services of providing luxury sea-faring vacations. We are thrilled to be working with Royal Caribbean on bringing their design to life.

As we work with Royal Caribbean, we are working with our longtime partner, Plaza Construction. As described in our last post, we have had a long-standing relationship with Plaza through our parent company, Total Safety Consulting LLC, based in New York City. Our goal for this project is to keep in within schedule and performed with safety in mind. We are happy to continue our relation with Plaza, as we continue to work to improve construction in the South Florida market.

Our main service in this project is providing staffing. This staffing includes general laborers and flaggers. As we continue to work with Royal Caribbean and Plaza, you can expect our expertise in safety installations to appear on this job site. With a unique design in play, many opportunities open up for safety installations, such as guardrails and outrigger netting, as well as appropriate signage.

At Total Safety Consulting, we can provide staffing for your construction site. Statistically proven to improve safety on job sites, TSC Southeast laborers have extensive knowledge about how to promote safety and can train others. This will lead to a reduction in injuries and medical costs. For example, an site safety manager will help to ensure that your construction site is always up to code and meeting all standards because they know and are well versed with the regulations and remove hazards where possible, rather than protect employees from them.

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