Safety During Pool Excavations and Perimeter Protection

Inground pools are a popular way to cool off from the hot Florida heat. Despite the pleasure pools bring, it is important to be aware of the safety hazards surrounding pools during the construction process.

Safety During Pool Excavations

When performing an excavation for a commercial or residential in-ground pool, there are some safety precautions to keep in mind.

  • Before beginning a pool excavation, the area should be properly marked so workers know where utility lines are located.
  • If a gas line is struck during the digging process, work should stop immediately, and the area should be cleared.
  • If any cable or utility line is cut, notify the appropriate utility company immediately.
  • If the excavation is deeper than five feet, the sides must be shored and sloped.
  • A protective system should be used depending on the type of soil that is present.
  • Keep heavy equipment away from the excavation edge.
  • When an excavation is deeper than 4 feet, workers need to be provided a safe means of exit, such as a ladder.
  • Protect workers from materials or equipment that could pose a hazard by falling or rolling inside the excavation by keeping such materials or equipment at least 2 feet from the edge and by using a retaining device to keep the materials from falling into the excavation.
  • Provide a warning system (such as barricades, hand or mechanical signals, or stop logs) when mobile equipment is operated adjacent to an excavation, or when equipment must approach the edge of an excavation, and the operator does not have a clear and direct view of the edge.
  • Prohibit workers from standing or working under loads being handled by lifting or digging equipment.

Temporary Pool & Perimeter Protection During Construction

Temporary safety structures are important during the construction of a pool or construction that is being performed on a structure near a pool.

Perimeter protections around the edge of a pool or pool excavation can promote safety by preventing objects from falling on workers in the excavation or prevent falls into the pool. Installing a barrier around the perimeter of a pool can prevent falls and injuries due to objects striking workers from above.

TSC Southeast Installs Pool Protection

At TSC Southeast, we can install temporary barriers to protect your pool’s perimeter and keep workers safe. In addition, we can install pool protections to prevent damage to your pool during active construction on-site. These structures are cost-effective as they could prevent you from having to replace your entire pool if it becomes damaged during building construction.

If you are interested in temporary safety protection structures from TSC Southeast, contact us today.

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