Dwight Patterson

Dwight Patterson PortraitField Operations Superintendent

Dwight (“Diesel”) has 10 years of experience in the construction industry with field experience from Carpenter and Field Foreman in Miami, FL. He successfully ran jobs and facilitated all of our top profile clients in South Florida.

He specializes in high-risk operations. One of his major accomplishments was completing the “impossible build” of scaffolding at the famous 1000 Museum “scorpion tower” to deliver equipment and workers to each floor safely, while working around all of the building’s incredibly difficult structure.

Diesel’s work requires keeping a close relationship with clients for all their immediate needs and to assure that all work is 100% completed and correct for the TSC inspection process.

Dwight joined TSC in 2015 as a lead Superintendent for TSC Southeast and holds an OSHA 30 Certification given by USF Health–OTI Education Center.

Dwight has also been featured on a TV Show called “Impossible Builds” for his role and leadership work at the famous scorpion tower or 1000 museum as one of many of his major accomplishments.

At TSC Southeast, Dwight has also successfully contributed to:

  • Assembling required teams for adequate major work
  • Successfully installing towers at the 1000 Museum (62 stories high)
  • Minimizing manpower while still completing jobs on schedule
  • Supervising and assisting workers to further understand construction
  • Leader of the Special Operations Team (SOT) at TSC Southeast
  • Installation and making of custom outrigger system
  • Supervising and Completing work ahead of schedule
  • Supervising Customization of steel in large structures
  • Enforcing No casualties on any job


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