Aventura Mall: TSCSE Saved Black Friday

The Aventura Mall on Biscayne Boulevard just outside of Miami is home to more than 300 of the world’s most iconic retail brands, anchored by 5 department stores.

The Aventura Mall just completed a major upgrade and expansion, but the grand opening almost didn’t happen. A small detail of the Mall, the handrails in the parking lot, nearly caused the center to miss their reopening deadline right before Black Friday.

This would have been a huge loss of revenue to the retailers. 

Here’s how TSCSE saved Black Friday.

The metal handrails did not arrive on time. This meant the garage would not pass inspection and the opening would be delayed by months. This was a disaster.

TSCSE knew exactly what to do.

Because we operate 2 warehouses in the area, we were able to fabricate temporary wooden handrails in record time.

There were 4 sets of stairs on 5 floors that absolutely had to be finished. Our team worked nights and on weekends. We brought in lunch and dinner to our workers to save time.

We finished and installed the handrails in one week.

The wooden handrails had to mimic the metal ones and be compliant with requirements for public safety even though they were temporary. The balustrades needed to be 4″ apart, different than what is required on construction sites and a lot more work.

But we did it.

The sad part

The TSCSE crew is very proud of what we accomplished, and how we saved Black Friday for the Aventura Mall.

Eventually, the steel handrails arrived, and our wooden handrails were replaced by the permanent ones. But we will always remember how we all teamed up for a client to save the day when the stakes were so high.


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