Mission Accomplished in One Day at Flagler Museum

One day. That’s how long we had to protect the main entrance of  Flagler Museum. When you live in Florida, weather conditions such as extreme heat and humidity, which are external factors that contribute to the damaging of painting on building facades, the Flagler Museum was a victim of the Floridian weather.

TSC SE was hired to repair the main entrance due to some chips of paint falling from the ceiling. When your jobsite is a National Historic Landmark, time is against you. Our notable accomplishment here was working the time frame of the client to insure no disruption to their normal hours of operation.

The challenge

A custom, design build, white debris netting to catch falling chips of paint that would aesthetically blend with the museum entrance.

Besides blending the nets, other challenges were presented to our team. The ceiling’s height was a major issue since access was limited and difficult, in addition to the installation of required hardware whilst protecting the columns supporting the building. In order to do so, we had to use clear houses over the wire rope to prevent any scratches or further damage to the building.

One day, one team, one jobsite, many challenges. Once again, the TSC SE team overcame a uniquely presented design challenge, leading to another satisfied client.

Whitehall is a 75-room, Gilded Age mansion open to the public in Palm Beach, Florida in the United States. Completed in 1902, it is a major example of neoclassical Beaux Arts architecture designed by Carrère and Hastings for Henry Flagler, a leading captain of industry in the late 19th century, and a leading developer of Florida as a tourist destination. The building is listed a National Historic Landmark. It now houses the Flagler Museum, named after its builder.

TSC SE creates costum solutions for every imaginable jobsite

From nets to buck hoists, TSC SE is your costum made solutions provider. We provide safety consulting, site safety personnel, Site Safety Plans (SSPs), Health and Safety Plans (HASP), Hurricane Preparedness and Disaster/Emergency Plans and the fabrication and installation of temporary construction packages that we designed to fulfill your jobsite needs and your workers’ safety. We understand the challenges of keeping the public and the workers safe from the time you break ground until the last nail is hammered. When you are planning new construction, give us a call. We’ll create your plan and get the job done.

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