Cocowalk: Building an Expansive Retail Environment

When designing a retail space, it is important to understand that the space should serve as the centerpiece to the area, complimenting the surrounding areas and serving the community’s needs. With Cocowalk, TSC Southeast and Juneau Construction aim to serve the South Florida community by providing a premier shopping experience, one that connects the community with shopping while also maintaining the overall spirit of Coconut Grove.

Rejuvenating a Miami Cornerstone

As Coconut Grove’s site states, “CocoWalk is an iconic outdoor mall where the Coconut Grove set eats, shop and enjoy the latest films. CocoWalk is more than a mall; in many ways it’s the center of Coconut Grove.” This statement reinforces the idea of Coconut Grove’s centerpiece being the Cocowalk; serving as a complement to an area that is surrounded by lush foliage and bordered by the water of the Biscayne Bay. Today, the Grove is on the edge of Miami, continuing to serve as an eclectic selection of boutiques, restaurants, and art galleries.

Like Mako Hall, Cocowalk was constructed in cooperation with Juneau Construction, where we at TSC Southeast have constructed a myriad of site safety installations. To ensure that Cocowalk was following safety procedures, we provided proper labor staffing and the following installations:

  • Railings
  • Carpentry Work
  • Overhead Protections

Providing for Miami’s Communities

We would like to thank Juneau Construction for their work on Cocowalk to construct a revival of one of Coconut Grove’s main attractions. In order to serve the community of South Florida, we at TSC Southeast aim to provide site safety services to the South Florida market. Our work ensures that the construction is safe, that the workers and general public are protected from harm’s way, and that our work helps amplify the communities of Miami as a whole.

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