Buck Hoist Used During 1000 Museum Construction For Sale

TSC Southeast is selling the buck hoist that was used during the construction of the One Thousand Museum in Miami, FL. The challenging 1000 Thousand Museum project was considered an “impossible build” and TSC Southeast is proud to have helped complete this project.

About the Buck Hoist

The features of this hoist include:

  • In great condition, assembled and in use for two years.
  • Designed by Plan B Engineering in Philadelphia, PA and built by US Hoists.
  • Can be assembled up to 62 stories, with 124 stories worth of heavy duty material.
  • Withstood Category 4 Hurricane winds up 155 mph with no issue.
  • Kept indoors when not in use.
  • All materials have been freshly sanded and painted.

If you are interested in purchasing this buck hoist, contact TSC Southeast. Price is available upon request.

TSC Southeast Designs & Builds Buck Hoists

At TSC Southeast we design and build buck hoist solutions for construction sites. We can provide complex back structures and bridges for hoists as well as install temporary jobsite protections to keep workers safe. Our team has the capability to fabricate buck hoist components for non-typical installations. Learn more about our buck hoist protections.  

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