1212 Lincoln Road: Working with a Longtime Partner

When working within the construction industry, many facets of building are at play. Whether it be working with structural engineers on the foundation of a space, consulting environmental engineers to discuss how to efficiently construct a space, or working on constructing the building itself, there are multiple layers in which a project is built.

TSC Southeast aims to work within the building process by providing site safety solutions and installations. With 1212 Lincoln, we lend our expertise to a large-scale retail project. This project is done in conjunction with Plaza Construction, a company whose business traces back to our parent company, Total Safety Consulting LLC.

Per the Plaza website:

1212 Lincoln Road is a mixed-use development on Miami Beach currently being constructed by Plaza Construction. In total, the project is about 70,000 square feet of retail along with over 400 parking spaces. 

The first phase of the 5-story development will include a multi-level parking garage, along with retail options, and a new Wells Fargo bank on the ground floor. Well Fargo’s existing branch on the corner of Alton Road and Lincoln Road will be demolished once the new branch opens, allowing the second phase to proceed. It will include retail, along with a 50-room CitizenM Hotel.”

TSC Southeast’s services for this project are extensive, and include the following safety solutions:

  • Full time safety crew, including laborers and foremen.
  • Outrigger netting
  • Entrance canopy
  • Installation and Maintenance of Tower and Crane Enclosures
  • Floor Hole Coverings
  • Install small floor hole covers throughout project where needed.
  • Guardrail systems in interior, elevator shafts, and stairs
  • Signage
  • Portable Fire Extignuishers
  • Elevator Protections
  • Removal of temporary protections installed by TSC such as; floor hole covers, guardrail systems, buck hoist protection, etc.

We at TSC Southeast envision a construction industry that continues to follow safety standards and lowering accidents on the job to absolute zero. It is our mission to guide construction companies on safe practices, installing safety equipment on the site, and instilling the mindset of always following safety practices at the workplace and beyond. We are thrilled to continue our relationship with Plaza Construction to ensure that South Florida construction proceeds as planned with safety precautions taken.

For more information regarding TSC Southeast and our work, contact us today.

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